ACCENTA STORAGE© is based on an Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) technology allowing the inter-seasonal storage, as heat, of the solar energy produced by the buildings. A ACCENTA STORAGE© plant includes a Borehole Thermal Energy Storage (BTES) unit, with depths of the boreholes ranging from tens to hundreds of meters, and reversible heat pumps. Through the heat pumps ACCENTA STORAGE© delivers the thermal energy needed by the building as cooling or heating; typically the plant cools the building and injects heat into the BTES unit in the summer, and extracts it in the winter to produce heating and / or sanitary hot water.


The efficiency of the plant comes from the technical innovations developed and patented by ACCENTA, and from the associated ETS management system.  Such efficiency helps control capital expenditures and delivers a competitive levelized cost of energy, similar to that of traditional (high CO2) solutions.

In residential and tertiary buildings, ACCENTA STORAGE® covers 100% of the thermal energy needs while using 100% of the solar energy produced by the building, i.e. 100% self-production and 100% self-consumption. This high level of energy autonomy allowed by ACCENTA STORAGE© reduces dramatically the carbon footprint of the building: measured in CO2 / m2 of floor area, as per the ENERGIE-CARBONE French reference system, this reduction reaches 66% on a RT21012-compliant benchmark building, with traditional heating (gas boiler).

ACCENTA STORAGE© is suitable for new buildings as well as rehabilitation projects. It is managed with a piece of software called ACCENTA NZEB OPTIMIZER, which optimizes the yield of the ETS unit and the self-production / self-consumption processes based on weather forecasts, users’ energy consumption patterns and the thermal inertia of the building.

Market segments

What buildings does it apply to?


BLUEBLUE STORAGE is suitable for residential and tertiary buildigs, as part of construction or rehabilitation projects.

Equipment sale and add-on services


The ACCENTA STORAGE solution is associated with a range of operations management services that help building owners integrate the solution into their projects.


ACCENTA, entreprise de technologie investie dans les deeptech, associe l’Intelligence Artificielle au stockage inter-saisonnier d’énergie thermique. 

La solution développée par ACCENTA répond aux besoins de chauffage et climatisation bas carbone du bâtiment à un coût inférieur aux autres technologies.

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