DESIGN-RENOVATION Data Science for low carbon design and renovation.

Thanks to Data Science and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, we provide scientific, high-performance and cost-effective answers to the question: what solutions should I implement to reduce the energy consumption of my building at the best cost?

It's all about the optimum

In order to design or renovate a highly energy-efficient building, different technical solutions must be implemented and articulated. This is what has always been done. However, it is now necessary to tackle two issues. The first is that of performance, which must take a new turn to respond to the climate emergency. The second is that of profitability, to overcome the approach that consists in making exemplary buildings whose cost prevents their widespread use. It is therefore a question of finding the best economic optimum. It is Data Science, algorithms and the science of optimization that makes it possible to move in this direction. And these skills are at the heart of Accenta's know-how and innovations.

Natively optimized low-carbon energy systems...

We have developed thermal energy systems based on reliable and proven hardware technologies, enriched with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence algorithms that they lacked in order to be perfectly optimized. This scientific approach to energy systems first enables us to optimize the design, using optimization models that no single human being can perform, in order to size a system that delivers the highest performance at the lowest cost. Secondly, Machine Learning algorithms ensure that performance is not left to the randomness of environmental conditions. We bring intelligence and optimization where there was none and that changes everything.

...towards a globally optimized building

Optimizing thermal energy systems is only one of the aspects we want to solve to democratize the low carbon building. To go further, we need to take a holistic approach to the building by taking into account the reduction of needs via the envelope, the efficiency with which energy is used and the decarbonation of the means of production. This technical and economic optimum, which is so difficult to achieve today and which we have found to be a brake on the massification of energy renovation, is achieved through the algorithms of our solutions, which compare thousands of scenarios in a matter of seconds.

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