Engineering company Design low carbon buildings more easily

Bring new technological answers to your customers to decarbonize their buildings. And strengthen your difference.

Technologies to create value for your customers

Accenta's technologies make it possible to contribute significantly to the achievement of the most ambitious energy objectives. By working with Accenta, you expand your range of solutions to help your clients achieve their goals.

We master key low carbon technologies

Whatever the regulations, a significant decarbonation of your assets inevitably requires a decarbonated thermal production, a universal BMS system that pilots renewable thermal and electrical energies and a system for monitoring your fleet and your objectives. Accenta's innovations guarantee game-changing performance while protecting you from risky investments.

Collaboration from the early stages of projects

We work with you right from the sketching phase to evaluate the technical and economic relevance of our technologies for your customers' projects.

Turnkey systems, operated and financed

We work with Energy Service Companies to bring you turnkey solutions, operated and financed if necessary. To let you enjoy the economic and environmental benefits of disruptive technologies, while allowing you to focus your investments on your core business.

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