Take control of your consumption

Access a platform that gives you a real-time view of your energy consumption and savings, thanks to reliable data based on the IPMVP protocol

No savings without quality energy data

Most data collection platforms offer only a partial view, making it impossible to embark on an ambitious energy performance approach. With the first solution on the market to give you access to complete data mapping and a reliable, enforceable view of your energy savings, Accenta simply puts you back in control of your energy strategy

Manage your Tertiary Decree reporting

The platform enables you to collect the data and ensure the reporting required for the Tertiary Decree

  • Mapping of asset data

    Organize data collection to map the buildings and occupants whose energy performance you need to manage

Access all your data

You have access to all the data collected automatically from energy distributors, your suppliers and by remote reading of your meters or IoT equipment to understand your consumption, your bills and your CO2 emissions

Measure THE essential data

Our platform centralizes comfort data - temperature, luminosity, hygrometry, noise level - without which it is impossible to take a serious approach to energy performance

Track your savings with confidence

Our platform is the only one that natively presents your energy savings according to the IPMVP protocol, providing you with reliable data that can be verified by regulatory bodies

Maintain your independence

You have complete autonomy to access consumption and savings data for your property portfolio, with total freedom of granulation. You're no longer dependent on a platform that doesn't have the functionality, or on a service provider who has to report manually

Take back control of your energy strategy

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