Energy Management System Reveal your buildings' energy performance

Our INSIGHT software is a secure Cloud platform that allows you to collect and analyze all your energy consumption and bills for a single building or an entire fleet.

Reveal your energy consumption

The process of collecting and analyzing energy data can be daunting. INSIGHT simplifies the process of creating a true energy dashboard that reveals your situation and allows you to take action.

How does it work?

Our multi-protocol remote data collection system allows you to centralize and make your data reliable in order to materialize a reference situation according to the IPMVP repository.

  • Remote data collection

    These are mainly meter indexes (water, gas, electricity, calories, etc.) and comfort data (temperature, hygrometry, etc.).

What it does for you

  • Your EMS and Smart BMS with a single supplier

    NSIGHT and PILOT SmartBuilding services are interoperable to facilitate the energy management of your building fleet.

Projects Discover our Energy Management System references

Organisations such as the City of Roubaix, Décathlon, Rabot Dutilleul, Euratechnologies, EDF use INSIGHT to control their energy consumption at their fingertips.

Ready to decarbonize your buildings?

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