The Ecole Centrale of Lille reduces its heating consumption thanks to an Intelligent Building Management System.

Client Ecole Centrale Lille

Building size 370 sqm

Accenta technologies PILOT SmartBuilding

24 %

reduction in consumption related to heating

24 %

reduction of carbon emissions related to heating

Context and objectives

For several years, the Ecole Centrale of Lille has been committed to a sustainable development approach for its students and staff. The reduction of energy consumption is essential both in terms of impact on operating costs and in terms of involvement and awareness of users of the school’s buildings. The objective is to reduce consumption by 20% to 30% by managing the building more efficiently and by involving the users.

Project characteristics

The PILOT SmartBuilding solution allows :


Access to a dedicated web interfac

  • Centralized access to equipment management
  • Simplified comfort and occupancy adjustment
  • Daily temperature monitoring


Predictive energy optimization

  • Daily calculation of the “start” and “stop” of each zone
  • Control by zone according to the desired comfort
  • Anticipation of free contributions
  • Optimization of the night temperature


Ecole Centrale of Lille reduces its heating energy consumption by 24.9% in the first year with an ROI of less than 2 years. That is to say 4,8€/m².


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