Public Buildings

A low carbon heating system for departmental technical buildings in Olonzac

Client Département of Herault

Building size 720 sqm

Accenta Technologies Low carbon heating POWER ROAD®

Context and objectives

With Power Road®, EUROVIA makes the most of the solar thermal energy captured by roads thanks to tubes integrated into the roadway. This solar heat is injected into geothermal storage facilities, and released in winter for snow removal and building heating.


Project characteristics

The Hérault Departmental Council has chosen Power Road® to boost the heating and cooling production of the Olonzac technical building. 400 sqm of parking spaces were equipped with the Power Road® process to meet the comfort needs of the technical center (an exemplary positive energy building). The energy system is equipped with the intelligent PILOT LowCarbon control system, which optimizes energy efficiency and carbon performance.


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