The Serval platform in Saint-Quentin simplifies its heating management while reducing its consumption

Client Enedis & GRDF

Building size 8 000 sqm

Accenta technologies PILOT SmartBuilding

23 %

reduction in heating consumption

23 %

reduction in carbon emissions

Context and objectives

Enedis and GRDF are looking to optimize the energy management of their Serval platform in Saint-Quentin. In addition to reducing energy consumption, the two companies are seeking to centralize and simplify the management of the underfloor heating system, to take into account its inertia and to limit heating operation during peak hours.

Project characteristics

The PILOT SmartBuilding solution allows :


Centralized technical management

  • Multi-stakeholder access (technicians, managers, occupants)
  • Simplified comfort and occupancy adjustment
  • Remote monitoring of temperatures and consumption


User-friendly dissemination of technical data

  • Multi-media access to data (tablet, smartphone)
  • Customized and modular dashboard
  • Alarms dedicated to the uses of the players
  • Equipment control


The platform reduces its energy consumption by 23% by meeting its objectives of simplifying and automating heating control.


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