IUT-C optimizes its heating consumption intelligently

Client Université de Lille

Building size 6 900 sqm

Accenta technologies PILOT SmartBuilding INSIGHT

Context and objectives

Engie Axima used the best of technology for the realization of the exemplary building of the University Institute of Technology.
Accenta manages the building’s energy intelligence and communication with its occupants for well-being and consumption information.

Project characteristics

The PILOT SmartBuilding and INSIGHT solutions enable :

Centralized technical management

  • Multi-stakeholder access (technicians, managers, occupants)
  • Simplified comfort and occupancy adjustment
  • Remote monitoring of temperatures and consumption

User-friendly dissemination of technical data

  • Multi-support data access (tablet, smartphone)
  • Customized and modular dashboard
  • Dedicated alarms
  • Equipment control

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