29% reduction in energy consumption for the start-up incubator thanks to intelligent energy management

Date 2015

Client Euratechnologies

Building size 24 000 sqm

Accenta technologies PILOT SmartBuilding

29 %

of energy savings for heating and air conditioning

29 %

reduction of carbon emissions related to heating and air conditioning

Context and objectives

Located west of Lille and centered around the renovated wasteland “LeBlan-Lafont”, EuraTechnologies aims to bring companies together in one place (project leaders, start-ups and international companies), and to offer them a range of innovative services. The objective is to reduce the site’s energy consumption and make it an exemplary site.


Project characteristics

PILOT SmartBuilding, connected to an existing Schneider TAC BMS (via OPC server), generates more than 30,000,000 data points per month and allows the operator to :

  • adjust comfort and occupancy simply
  • access the data on a web browser
  • access a daily calculation of the “start” and “stop” of each zone
  • have a zone control according to the desired comfort
  • monitor user experience thanks to tactile tablets
  • contribute to the Smart Grid of Lille Metropole


The installation of PILOT SmartBuilding in buildings allows to:

  • reduce energy consumption by 29% in the first 6 months
  • provide better comfort for office users (400 zones spread over 24,000 m² and more than 2,000 users)
  • engage in better energy management
  • facilitate operation: reliability, responsiveness, remote interaction
  • promote best practices thanks to tablets and touch screens on which users express their feelings on the comfort of their offices
  • dynamically manage the heating of the meeting rooms thanks to a connection with the reservation tool
  • dynamically manage the change of use of the incubator’s start-up premises

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