Vinci Autoroutes decarbonizes the Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines toll plaza - 400 m²

The decarbonized surface ➡️ 400 m² ➡️ Offices and stores

Reference energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings


reduction in carbon emissions



In 2018, Vinci Autoroutes approached Accenta to ensure the decarbonization of the offices and stores at France’s second largest toll plaza in Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines.

As part of its “Ambition Environnement 2030” plan, the motorway company wants to install a low-carbon boiler room to reduce the toll station’s climate impact and energy costs.



Tailor-made solutions from Accenta


Vinci chose the Power Road® solution, an innovative concept developed by Eurovia, enhanced by geostorage and Accenta’s Respilot software.

Power Road® captures the freeway’s solar thermal energy using tubes integrated under the surface course. The solar heat is geostored in underground thermal bubbles, then released in winter to clear the road surface and heat buildings.


The project, supported by ADEME’s Programme Investissements d’Avenir (PIA), comprises:

✅ Heat exchangers placed under the bitumen of the freeway

✅ A low-carbon boiler room

Respilot artificial intelligence, whose mission is to optimize the operation of the system


Power Road® system – Source: Eurovia



Customer benefits


Thanks to the system installed, solar energy heats tertiary areas and removes snow from 500 m² of freeway at a lower cost (-60%).


Vinci also reaps the benefits inherent in installing a low-carbon boiler plant:

✅ The consequent reduction in carbon impact (-71%) compared with reference equipment powered by fossil fuels

✅ Compliance with the BACS decree, which requires the installation of an automated building management system (BMS) by 2025

✅ Exceeding the consumption reductions expected under the tertiary sector decree (-40% CO2 by 2030, -50% by 2040 and -60% by 2050)

✅ An environmental approach that enhances the company’s image

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