Our mission Democratize low carbon buildings

By optimizing, thanks to algorithms, energy production, storage and consumption.

A global vision of energy in buildings

We founded Accenta with the idea of using the potential of AI and Data Science to optimize the way energy is produced, stored and consumed in buildings. To finally accelerate their energy transition.

It is necessary both to drastically reduce the consumption of buildings and to make this transition financially accessible. This is our daily obsession.

Pierre Trémolières, CEO & co-founder

A scientific approach to energy in buildings

A spin-off from the Ecole Polytechnique X-Novation Center, Accenta adopts a scientific approach towards building issues. Because in order to make extreme reduction in energy consumption affordable, everything must be optimized. Scientifically. So we use our expertise in algorithms to challenge the market habits that have prevented us from democratizing the energy transition in buildings.

Our team is our strength

Our team brings together nearly 50 talents with unique and complementary skills, who want to take up the challenge of low carbon building's democratization ..

Our values

  • Integrity

    Integrity towards our project aiming at democratize game changing carbon performance is the value that underlies everything we do.

  • Never sacrificing comfort

    We ensure the comfort of the building's users as well as the comfort of our technologies' users.

  • Aiming for the top

    The excellence of our work will result in a faster transition to low carbon buildings.

  • Fighting inefficiencies

    We are inventive and daring to remove all the barriers preventing a large scale adoption of low carbon buildings.

  • Being a hare and a turtle

    In the face of the ecological emergency, speed is an asset. But it gives all its power allied to judgement



  • Pierre Trémolières

    CEO - Accenta

  • Marine Doquet-Chassaing

    COO - Accenta

  • Philippe Bruand

    CTO - Accenta

  • Thierry Faugeras

    Member of the Board - EREN Industries

  • Eric Gossart

    Principal - Serena Capital

  • Pâris Mouratoglou

    President of the Supervisory Board and Founder - EREN Group

  • Xavier Lorphelin

    Managing Partner - SERENA CAPITAL


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