Consume less, over time

We optimize your existing energy systems to deliver the desired comfort while reducing your consumption and bills by up to 40% over the long term thanks to AI

Say goodbye to fixed operating schedules

Switching heating and air conditioning on and off at set times doesn't save energy. Yet this is what happens in many buildings. Accenta takes you into the world of dynamic operation, where your energy consumption adjusts according to building occupancy and weather conditions to consume much less, over time

Up to 25% savings without work

Our recommended driving offer consists of equipping your buildings with IoT sensors to recommend the best operating schedule to your operator, using proprietary algorithms

  • Energy data

    Our sensors measure consumption of electricity, gas, urban networks and water

Up to 40% savings in automatic mode

Our continuous operation offer is based on a turnkey, financed package, accompanied by a performance guarantee to automatically control your heating and air conditioning systems remotely and in real time using our proprietary platform

  • A universal platform

    It interfaces with all BMS systems with open protocols (Modbus, BACnet, etc.) to adapt and evolve with your building stock

Heat and cool at the right time

Studying my project

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