Decarbonized energy for buildings and Smart Grids

Thanks to our .PILOT LowCarbon service, we democratize geothermal heating and cooling to reduce the carbon emissions of your buildings by up to -90% compared to fossil fuel solutions.

75 %

This is the share of heating in the carbon emissions of buildings in operation. With its innovative low carbon heating and cooling technology, Accenta takes you a giant step towards drastically decarbonizing your buildings.

How does the system work?

The environmental transition of buildings requires efficient and low-carbon energy systems. Accenta's low carbon heating and air conditioning concept was born on this insight, after 3 years of R&D in partnership with laboratories from Ecole Polytechnique, Ecole des Mines de Paris and BRGM.

  • Collection of solar energy and waste heat

    In the middle of summer, when air conditioners are running at full capacity, our energy system recovers the waste heat usually lost from the air conditioning processes in your buildings. When there is no AC, renewable heat can also be produced using low-temperature solar thermal panels or coupled with photovoltaic panels and heat pumps.

How do algorithms guarantee carbon performance?

The Artificial Intelligence algorithms of the .PILOT LowCarbon service optimize the control of your system to achieve the best possible performance in all conditions.

  • Anticipation of the needs of your building

    AI takes into account the theoretical and real behavior of your building to predict its needs several days in advance depending on the weather.

Performance that sets new standards

  • Up to 70 % reduction of consumption

  • Up to 90 % reduction of carbon emissions

It is not just an other geothermal system

  • We optimize the whole system

    A geothermal system has various components. Rather than optimizing one part at the expense of the others, we optimize the whole. And that changes everything.

From buildings to low carbon districts

Thanks to the intelligence of its algorithms, Accenta is democratizing Thermal Smart Grids for eco-districts. It is an intelligent network that enables the production of heat and air conditioning to be shared between several buildings.

  • Suitable for high performance buildings 

    Accenta's technology works with a low-temperature (< 30°C) tempered water loop that is particularly suitable for high energy performance buildings.

What it does for you

  • 1. Record and profitable decarbonation

    Rather than accumulating expensive solutions, Accenta offers you the highest and most cost-effective level of decarbonation through a single, perfectly optimized system.

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