Decarbonize without breaking the bank

Our energy system combines geostorage and AI to heat and cool buildings. This means up to 80% reduction in consumption and 95% decarbonization, at a cost up to 20 times lower than market alternatives

You're not condemned to conventional thermal renovation solutions

Until now, ambitious decarbonization has been very expensive. Accenta invents AI-optimized geostorage to achieve record performance at an unprecedented cost. It's a new era in building renovation

ENR that no longer depends on the seasons

Geostorage enables you to store renewable thermal energy produced in summer to heat your buildings in winter, and conversely to cool them in summer

Guaranteed performance thanks to AI

Our patented AI-optimized software operates the system dynamically to ensure minimal consumption, bills and carbonation

Case studies Discover our low carbon heating projects

Companies such as Airbus, Prologis, Icade, Mouratoglou Tennis Academy trust our low carbon technology to drastically reduce their buildings' carbon emissions

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