Public Buildings

Optimization of Roubaix's real estate assets - 158,000 m²

Optimized surface ➡️ 158,000 m² in 76 buildings ➡️ Swimming pools, stadiums, sports halls, schools

Reference energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings


carbon emissions reduction



In 2017, the city of Roubaix (96,000 inhabitants) approached Accenta with the aim of improving the energy performance of its buildings.

Priority was to be given to heating systems, which are particularly energy-hungry in public buildings.



Tailor-made solutions from Accenta


The infrastructure study led to the calibration and installation of a building management system (BMS) dedicated to optimized control of all heat distribution equipment.


On the technical side, the main components installed are as follows:

✅ Temperature sensors
✅ Connected meters
✅ Double pump
✅ Customized management interfaces (dashboards)


On the artificial intelligence side, 2 Accenta software applications are deployed:

Effipilot, the continuous and dynamic driving platform in automatic or semi-automatic mode
Insight, the solution for tracking consumption data and CO2 emissions.


Networking these elements across the City’s entire building stock forms a single, centralized, intelligent system.

The software controls each building’s boiler in real time, based on analysis of consumption and ambient indicators (temperature, humidity, lighting, weather, etc.) recorded in the various functional zones.



Customer benefits


The continuous driving system implemented by Accenta offers a number of benefits for the city and its residents:

✅ Energy costs and air pollution reduced by almost a third
✅ Improved comfort within public infrastructures
✅ Compliance with the BACS decree (installation of a compliant BMS)
✅ Real-time monitoring, on PC and smartphone, of all consumption and anomalies, thanks to dashboards configured according to the customer’s wishes
✅ Output of enforceable consumption data thanks to the application of the IPMVP protocol by Insight software (exclusive to Accenta)
✅ Easy transmission of the information required annually on the Operat site under the tertiary sector decree

Please note that from 2025, BMS will be mandatory in most commercial buildings

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