Public Buildings

The Lucie Aubrac School in Lille reduces its energy consumption thanks to intelligent energy management

Client MOA - Ville de Roubaix

Building size 3800 sqm

Accenta technologies PILOT SmartBuilding INSIGHT

40 %

of energy savings

40 %

of carbon emissions reduction

Context and objectives

As part of a global contract covering 65 of the 120 buildings in the city of Roubaix, an initial project consisting of equipping the Lucie Aubrac school with ACCENTA’s Smart BMS and Energy Management System is being implemented to optimize heating consumption.


Project characteristics

.PILOT Smart Building allows the operator to :

  • adjust comfort and occupancy simply
  • access the data on a web browser
  • access daily calculation of the “start” and “stop” of each zone


The building was able to reduce its consumption by 40% with a 2 years ROI.


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