A low carbon heating system to supply 61 flats

Date 2019

Client MOA - Inolya

Building size 4 800 m²

Accenta technologies Low carbon heating Power Road® PILOT LowCarbon

60 %

reduction in heating consumption

71 %

reduction of carbon emissions

Context and objectives

With Power Road®, Eurovia uses the solar thermal energy captured by roads through tubes integrated into the pavement. This solar heat is injected into geothermal storage facilities and released in winter to heat a building.


Project characteristics

INOLYA, whose founding values are innovation and environmental and social responsibility, has chosen EUROVIA’s Power Road® process to heat and produce hot water for 61 flats in a social housing residence in Fleury-sur-Orne. The installation of nearly 1,500 sqm of Power Road has made it possible to replace conventional gas heating for 4,800 sqm² of social residential buildings with a low carbon heating system. The energy system is equipped with the intelligent PILOT LowCarbon control system, which provides energy savings of 60% compared with the historical gas heating system.


The system implemented has reduced energy consumption by 60% and carbon emissions by 71% compared to a standard gas solution. This demonstrates the possibility to offer low income households solutions that reduce their carbon footprint while guaranteeing their comfort.



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