Decarbonization of 61 apartments managed by Inolya in Fleury-sur-Orne - 4,800 m²

The decarbonized surface ➡️ 4,800 m² ➡️ 76 buildings

Reference energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings


reduction in CO2 emissions



Social landlord Inolya, renowned for its environmental innovations and social responsibility, wanted to reduce the energy and CO2 consumption of a 61-apartment residence in Fleury-sur-Orne, on the outskirts of Caen.

The Calvados-based landlord’s priority is to replace the gas-fired boiler with a low-carbon system powered by renewable energies.



Tailor-made solutions from Accenta


Inolya opts for Eurovia’s Power Road® solution, combined with Accenta technologies (Respilot software and geostorage). The principle of Power Road® is to capture solar thermal energy in the asphalt of the pavements, then inject it into the building’s heat or cold production circuits.

In the event of surplus heat during the summer, the calories are stored underground in thermal bubbles, then released in winter to heat homes and clear snow from roads.


The operation involves integrating :

✅ 1,500 m² of heat exchangers placed under the wearing course

✅ 11 140 m probes and 1 110 m probe

✅ 2 x 50 kW geothermal water-to-water heat pumps

✅ 1,420 m² of Power Road to capture heat from the sun in summer and inject it into the system

Respilot software solution to optimize boiler operation according to building needs (temperature, brightness, humidity, occupancy, etc.)


Power Road® system – Sources: Eurovia



Customer benefits


The system implemented has enabled Inolya to significantly reduce the residence’s energy (-77%) and carbon (-93%) consumption, with the following benefits:

✅ Improved comfort for residents thanks to continuous boiler control provided by the artificial intelligence of the Respilot software

✅ The building’s compliance with the low-carbon standards to which residential buildings are subject

✅ Geostored heat and cold reserves, available during peaks in demand

✅ Increased property value of equipped buildings and homes

The geostored, AI-controlled Power Road® solution can be installed anywhere in France

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