Decarbonization of a Prologis warehouse in Moissy-Cramayel - 100,000 m²

The decarbonized surface ➡️ 100,000 m²

Reference energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings


reduction in CO2 emissions



In 2021, Prologis, one of the world’s leading logistics and industrial real estate companies, will call on Accenta to improve the energy performance of a vast 100,000 m² warehouse.

The group is thus pursuing an ambitious strategy to decarbonize its assets.



Tailor-made solutions from Accenta


To achieve its environmental objectives, Prologis relies on an energy mix composed of geothermal and solar heat, supplemented by calories recovered from various electrical appliances.

The system includes geostorage of surplus heat (in summer) and cold (in winter) to build up reserves that can be mobilized at times of peak consumption or between seasons.


The geothermal collection system consists of :

✅ 1 thermo-fridge geothermal pump

✅ 103 geothermal probes (93 meters deep)

✅ 2 air/water heat pumps

✅ 19 temperature probes

✅ 1 production control cabinet

✅ The Respilot software solution, whose mission is to continuously seek the best energy solutions, combining comfort and frugality.



Customer benefits


The results exceeded the client’s expectations:

✅ Energy consumption was reduced by -70%.

✅ Carbon footprint reduced by -92% compared with a standard solution using gas and chillers


This spectacular energy transition induces other benefits for the owner and operator:

✅ A significant improvement in thermal comfort for employees, thanks to continuous control of the system based on the building’s needs (temperature, hygrometry, luminosity, occupancy, etc.)

✅ A green heritage and an eco-responsible image that can be exploited in the owner’s CSR communications

✅ Compliance with climatic standards, in particular:

➡️Le BACS decree (installation of a GTB before 2025)
➡️Le tertiary sector decree (reduce CO2 emissions by -40% before 2030, -50% in 2040 and -60% in 2050)

Surface geothermal energy can be used almost everywhere in France
It's one of the few renewable solutions that combines power, savings and cleanliness without the intermittency of solar or wind power

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