Optimization of an AG2R La Mondiale office building in Paris - 8,000 m²

Optimized surface ➡️ 8,143 m² in 1 office and open space building

Reference energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings


reduction in CO2 emissions



In 2021, AG2R La Mondiale is commissioning Accenta to improve the energy performance of one of its administrative buildings in the Victoire business center, in the heart of Paris.

The company, which specializes in social and asset protection, has a triple objective:

✅ Reduce its CO2 emissions

✅ Bring its building into line with new climate standards

✅ Not to generate major works so as not to halt business activity



Accenta’s technical solutions


The audit carried out on the building by Accenta’s engineers recommended the installation of an optimization system comprising :

✅ 30 comfort sensors, including 10 with CO2 option

✅ 6 temperature sensors with AHU (air handling unit) supply

✅ 1 consumption sensor

✅ Customized dashboards for system and performance monitoring


These elements are then connected to Optimzen software, whose technology identifies energy improvement levers for the building’s main equipment, such as heating and air conditioning.



Customer benefits


AG2R also benefits from the technical support included in Accenta’s recommended operation offer.


So, in addition to the reductions in energy costs (-29%) and carbon emissions (-21%), the project owner reaps various added values:

✅ The installation of a high-performance BMS system without any work or business downtime

✅ Compliance with the BACS decree, thanks to a compliant automation system

✅ Recommendations for parameterization and control, based on consumption analysis, for optimum performance of the installed system

✅ Training tailored to the operator’s needs

✅ Building management facilitated by a dashboard that centralizes key indicators

✅ Improved comfort and indoor air quality

For a successful energy transition
Choose a comprehensive package that includes installation and monitoring, to maintain the performance of your system over the long term.

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