Optimization of FNAC DARTY's Mitry-Mory warehouses - 78,000 m²

Optimized surface ➡️ 78,000 m² in 2 buildings ➡️ Warehouse and offices

Reference energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings


reduction in CO2 emissions



In 2023, Fnac Darty is bringing its warehouse and offices in Mitry-Mory (77) into compliance with the tertiary sector decree and the BACS decree.

The European leader in household appliances and cultural products wants to optimize the consumption of its heating and air-conditioning systems.



Tailor-made solutions from Accenta


To undertake an ambitious decarbonization project, Fnac Darty opted for the installation of a smart BMS platform. The work carried out is as follows:


Renovation of two boiler rooms

Replacement of boilers, circulation pumps and control cabinets
Asbestos removal and de-silting of spaces


Implementation of GTB architecture

Updating wiring and electrical diagrams
Installation of electricity meters and temperature sensors


Integration of two software solutions

Effipilot for continuous, dynamic equipment control (automatic or semi-automatic mode)
Insight for tracking energy consumption and CO2 emissions



Customer benefits


Fnac Darty now benefits from the thermal comfort of its artificial intelligence control system, as well as the other advantages it brings:

✅ Significant reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions (-35%)
✅ Compliance with the BACS decree thanks to the installation of a regulatory BMS
✅ A decisive step towards the -40% consumption target imposed by the tertiary sector decree for 2030
✅ Real-time monitoring of consumption for each functional zone, thanks to a simple management interface accessible on PC and smartphone
✅ Enforceable consumption data thanks to IPMVP (Accenta exclusivity), the international protocol for measuring and verifying energy performance
✅ Easier transmission of the information required annually on the Operat site (mandatory under the tertiary sector decree)

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