Decarbonization of the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy offices and hotel in Biot - 12,600 m²

The decarbonized surface ➡️ 12,600 m² ➡️ Offices & hotel

Reference energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings for the offices and -42% for the hotel


reduction in CO2 emissions for the offices and -42% for the hotel



In 2020, the dynamic Académie de Tennis Mouratoglou called on Accenta to make its environmental ambitions a reality.

The task was to equip the 600 m² of office space and 12,000 m² of hotel accommodation with a clean, economical heating/cooling system.



Tailor-made solutions from Accenta

The Academy has chosen to install a geothermal collection system composed as follows:


For the administration building

✅ 4 vertical probes 95 m deep to recover natural heat from the ground

✅ A geothermal heat pump to process the calories transmitted by the probes and inject them into the distribution circuit

✅ Respilot software to intelligently regulate system operation and ensure long-term efficiency


For the hotel

✅ A 6,600 m geothermal probe field (74 probes 90 m deep)

✅ 1 aerothermal heat pump

✅ 2 geothermal heat pumps

✅ A field of thermal solar panels



Customer benefits


✅ The environmental objective is achieved: in addition to significant reductions in CO2 emissions, the Academy now consumes local, unlimited and infinitely renewable energy, thanks to the regeneration of the subsoil through geostorage.

✅ The economic impact is just as significant: drastically lower energy bills and, as an added bonus, increased land value.

✅ In terms of climate regulations, the results are also interesting: with such energy-efficient results, the Académie anticipates the reinforcement of low-carbon standards for several decades to come

How are you progressing with your energy transition?

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