Decarbonation of an industrial site in Louviers - 6,000 m² - France

Optimized surface ➡️ 6,000 m² ➡️ Workshops, storage areas, offices

Reference energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings


reduction in CO2 emissions



A well-known French industrial group entrusts Accenta with the installation of a low-carbon boiler room powered by geothermal energy.



Accenta’s customized solutions


As in 98% of cases in mainland France, the subsoil of the site in question can draw on the natural heat contained in water or rocks. The installation includes:

✅ A field of 13 geothermal probes 150 m deep

✅ 1 geothermal heat pump (PAC)

✅ 1 aerothermal heat pump

✅ A field of thermal solar panels

The pumping and heat distribution circuits are connected to Respilot software, whose mission is to constantly search for the best possible energy scenario.



Customer benefits


Surface geothermal energy optimized by artificial intelligence offers unrivalled climatic performance, as well as economic and technical benefits:

✅ A spectacular reduction in energy consumption (-78%) and CO2 emissions (-88%) thanks to continuous boiler control. AI-regulated “stop & go” is activated at just the right moment, based on field information transmitted by sensors (temperature, luminosity, hygrometry, occupancy, etc.).

✅ Simplified building operation thanks to a personalized dashboard installed on computers and smartphones: real-time consumption monitoring, malfunction alerts, remote control options, etc.

✅ Double compliance with climate regulations:

➡️Le BACS decree requiring the installation of an automated building management system (BMS) by 2025

➡️Le tertiary sector decree, which calls for a reduction in consumption of around -40% by 2030, -50% by 2040 and -60% by 2050 (for tertiary use areas such as offices and canteens).

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