Decarbonization of three apartment buildings in Gex - 4,300 m²

The decarbonized surface ➡️ 4,300 m² in 3 buildings ➡️ 61 homes

Reference energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings


reduction in CO2 emissions



In 2023, the Gex condominium “Les Vertes Campagnes”, located at an altitude of 600 meters, approached Accenta to replace two gas-fired boilers that were failing and consuming energy.

To reduce its energy bills and carbon footprint, the owners’ association wanted to supply its 3 buildings with an energy mix essentially made up of renewable energies.



Customized solutions from Accenta


The technical solution

The field study confirmed the possibility of drawing on the geothermal energy available beneath the buildings to be decarbonized.


The operation requires the installation of the following modules:

✅ A 3,400 m geothermal probe field (17 probes 200 m deep)

✅ rooftop solar thermal panels to geostore surplus heat in underground thermal bubbles

✅ 1 geothermal water/water heat pump (PAC)

✅ 1 gas-fired boiler providing 9% of heat production

✅ 1 buffer tank for domestic hot water and heating water



The financial solution


The installation is accompanied by a third-party financing offer from the Aïden joint venture set up by Accenta, Eren and Idex.

It consists of taking charge of all expenses, in return for repayment in the form of monthly instalments lower than the initial energy costs.



Benefits for the customer


The use of geothermal energy driven by artificial intelligence has radically transformed condominium owners’ relationship with energy.

✅ A drastic reduction in energy consumption (-77%) and CO2 emissions (-91%).

✅ Monthly repayments 10% lower than the cost of the reference gas solution.

✅ A reserve of heat and cold available during consumption peaks thanks to the geostorage system

✅ A perceptible improvement in thermal comfort for residents

✅ A few decades ahead of the deployment of climate standards

✅ An increase in the real estate value of the equipped site (green value) and an enhanced eco-responsible image for the building owner

Geothermal energy is available over 98% of France.
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