A Thermal Smart Grid for the Parc des Portes de Paris in Aubervilliers

Date 2018

Client Icade

Building size 18 000 sqm

Accenta technologies Low carbon heating PILOT LowCarbon

59 %

reduction in heating consumption

82 %

reduction of carbon emissions for heating

Context and objectives

Icade plans to develop thermal and electrical “Smart Grids” in the Parc des Portes de Paris, which would provide this new neighborhood with energy efficiency and a carbon footprint aligned with the property company’s ambitions. In this context, Icade commissioned Efficacity to carry out an overall feasibility assessment.


Project characteristics

ACCENTA, taking charge of the “Smart Grid Thermal” part of this study, technically and economically evaluated an infrastructure made of geothermal storage shared between several buildings, a tempered water loop, a heat and cold production substation per building, and systems for optimizing demand management on the loop.



The system as evaluated would reduce heating and cooling consumption by 59% and carbon emissions by 82% compared to a standard solution relying on gas.


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