Decarbonization of Icade's Parc des Portes de Paris in Aubervilliers - 18,000 m²

The decarbonized surface ➡️ 18,000 m² ➡️ Offices & hotel

Reference energy ➡️ Gas

59 %

energy savings

82 %

reduction in CO2 emissions



In 2022, the Icade Group, one of France’s leading commercial real estate companies, plans to reduce energy consumption and improve the carbon footprint of its Parc des Portes de Paris.

To decarbonize this vast campus, the real estate company intends to install smart grids for heat and electricity. Efficacity is in charge of the feasibility study, while Accenta is in charge of the technical design.



Tailor-made solutions from Accenta


Following a technical and economic assessment of Icade’s infrastructure, it was decided to install :

✅ A geothermal tempered water loop (BETEG)

✅ 42 probes 115 m deep

✅ 2 heat pumps, 1 geothermal and 1 aerothermal (heat and cold production substations)

Geothermal storage shared by several buildings for use during peak demand periods

✅ Demand management optimization systems on the loop



Customer benefits

The impact of smart grids exceeds the client’s expectations:

✅ Energy bills are reduced by -60% and carbon emissions by -80% compared with a standard gas solution.

✅ Equipped buildings now comply with the BACS decree and the consumption targets of the tertiary sector decree (-40% in 2030, -50% in 2040 and -60% in 2050)

✅ The 8,000 occupants of the Parc des Portes de Paris benefit from improved thermal comfort thanks to real-time heating and air conditioning control, based on the building’s needs

✅ The labels obtained (ISO 14001, EcoJardin, Parc d’Excellence) enhance the value of the entire site, as well as Icade’s image

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