Decarbonization of the P3 logistics park in Grand-Couronne - 19,000 m²

Optimized surface ➡️ 19,000 m² in 3 buildings ➡️ Warehouses and tertiary zones

Reference energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings


reduction in CO2 emissions



In 2023, P3 Logistic Parks, one of Europe’s leading investors and developers of logistics real estate, is entrusting Accenta with the decarbonization of its 19,000 m² warehouses in Grand-Couronne, near Rouen.

As part of its energy transition, the company wants to replace its gas-fired heating system and reduce the use of fossil fuels as much as possible.



Tailor-made solutions from Accenta


The recommended solution is a geothermal system that captures heat from the subsoil, which is reputed to be clean, unlimited and non-intermittent.

The underground energy is then injected into the cooling and heating production/distribution circuits.


Work undertaken at the Grand-Couronne site has resulted in the installation of the following elements:

✅ A 5,800 m geothermal probe field (58 probes 100 m deep)

✅ 2 geothermal heat pumps

✅ 1 aerothermal heat pump



Benefits for the customer


P3 Logistic Parks now has total control over its energy consumption and is reaping the benefits of its geothermal installation:

✅ A significant reduction in energy bills and CO2 emissions

✅ Compliance with the BACS decree (obligation to install an automated building management system [GTB])

✅ Exceeding the low-carbon targets set by the tertiary sector decree (-40% CO2 by 2030, -50% by 2040 and -60% by 2050)

✅ Improved employee comfort

✅ An increase in the real estate value of the site

✅ An eco-responsible approach that enhances the company’s image

Tomorrow, green energy will no longer be an option

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