Optimization of SEML's tertiary real estate assets in Pessac - 23,500 m²

Optimized surface ➡️ 23,500 m² ➡️ 16 buildings on 3 sites

Reference Energy ➡️ Gas


energy savings


reduction in CO2 emissions



Since 2004, SEML Route des Lasers, real estate manager and developer, has been helping companies in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region to set up in sectors of excellence. Today, the company manages 70,000 m² spread over 4 business parks and 24 buildings. More than 70 tenant companies benefit from its services.

In 2022, this recognized player in local economic life is launching a call for tenders as part of its environmental initiative launched in 2009.

The contract covers 16 tertiary buildings, both new and existing, spread over 3 sites.

The aim is to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint, in addition to a number of specific requirements:

✅ Homogeneous, interconnected supervision and control of the 16 buildings concerned.

✅ The ability to manage consumption and anomalies remotely (PC and smartphone) to limit travel

✅ An upgradeable system to meet the company’s future needs

✅ A reliable data collection and analysis tool

✅ Installation without major work



Tailor-made solutions from Accenta


To meet these demanding specifications, SEML opts for Accenta’s continuous operating offer. This is an automated building management system (BMS) that provides:

✅ Connection and integration of existing BMSs

✅ Automatic remote control of heating and air conditioning using artificial intelligence

✅ Insight software solutions to track consumption and Optimzen to ensure dynamic, efficient operation of connected equipment

✅ The installation of a customized management interface on the computer and PC of employees responsible for operating the device

✅ Support for the launch of the solution


The operation takes place in 6 stages:

1. Site visits, feasibility studies

2. Requirements planning: choice of temperature setpoints and time slots for each functional zone

3. Installation of radio and wired sensors

4. Integration of program into building, graphic and functional settings

5. Training in the use of the tools (2 to 3 hours, adapted to the customer’s profile and needs; alert application settings, consumption monitoring, etc.).

6. Development and adaptation of the tool in the form of a weekly meeting between SEML & Accenta.



Customer benefits


In terms of energy and the environment, SEML has reduced its energy bills and CO2 emissions by an average of 30%.


The high-performance BMS also generates technical and regulatory benefits:

✅ Compliance with the BACS decree, which requires the installation or renovation of a BMS before 2025.

✅ Energy monitoring and remote technical control of all buildings from a single dashboard. This makes it possible to react in real time to malfunctions, thanks to customizable alerts

✅ The output of opposable data thanks to the IPMVP protocol applied by Insight software. This Accenta exclusivity meets the expectations of the tertiary sector decree, which calls for information on the consumption of each building to be transmitted annually to the Operat platform.

Did you know?
The installation or renovation of a BMS will soon be mandatory for commercial buildings whose heating system exceeds a rated output of 70 kW. This threshold corresponds to a surface area of around 1,000 m². In other words, the vast majority of service companies are affected by the new BACS standards.

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